EGA® is a triple compound therapy for use in human age reversal. It is a water based drink that you drink twice a day in correlation with your biological clock. The product includes three ingredients:

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) a compound that turns into cellular NAD+,A compound that increases methyl donor,

SAM, for cellular methylation, a compound that turns on antioxidant defense activation,

Nrf2, to increase cellular antioxidant enzymes that decrease oxidation and increase cell reduction.

All three compounds act synergistically to provide the cellular biological pattern that allows the sirtuin enzymes, which are pattern recognizing and sensing enzymes, to turn on, stay on, stop feedback loops from turning them off which then allows age reversal to happen in humans.

EGA® physically controls three major pathways in cellular biology. The three pathways controlled by EGA® include 1) an energy-sensing pathway that senses low energy from NAD+ (as well as NAD+ removal by CD-38) and cAMP; 2) a methylation pathway that also regulates RNA transcription (the turning on of DNA, also called epigenetics); and 3) the reduction/oxidation pathways (REDOX) that are sensed by sulphur-containing thiol groups of proteins.